II. Rainy Night (II)

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Suǒ Lun slowly opened his eyes.

It’d already been half a month’s time, each time he tried to open his eyes previously dense numbers of data kept streaming into his brain, innumerable 0’s and 1’s flashed through his mind; flashes of intense pain made his brain feel that it were bursting open. His awareness of his body was very weak, it was as if an electric field were going through him and an electronic current disturbing his body.

Although he could hear and feel everything outside, he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t even move a finger!

Not good!


I need to wake up!

I must wake up!

Although he doesn’t know why he was reborn into this mysterious world, Suǒ Lun knew the little girl was in danger outside.

The girl that always took care of him was in danger!

Her name was Weiwei, this year she was eight years old, she had long attractive head of pale golden hair, and a smile that held two small dimples.

She’s Suǒ Lun’s younger sister, same mother different father.

Many of the area’s slum traders goal was to covet  her because they’ve affirmed that she will be a beauty in the future, so long as they raise her slightly they could sell her at good price some time later. For a girl with no parents with an unconscious elder brother whose life and death uncertain there is no more vulnerable target.

Such an evil world!

Suǒ Lun more than once heard people from outside try to rush in during this half a month.

If they did not dread the old dog named ‘Xīsī’ then perhaps Weiwei would have already fallen into their violent treathery.

‘This isn’t good!’

‘Must wake!’

Suǒ Lun lets out a roar in his heart again and again, even as his past memories are blurred and another name begins to fade from his memory, his only thought is his obsession to wake up and protect the poor little girl.

She is in danger!

A girl of eight can not survive in the ghetto.

He can hear the two villains outside discuss how to kill the dog named ‘Xīsī’ and their plan to sell Weiwei to a woman named Soscia.

It’s about to happen!

If he couldn’t wake up, the little girl would face a miserable fate!



Boundless darkness.

Suǒ Lun’s mind is still filled with the jumbles of infinite 0’s and 1’s, the current causes his body to jump, he can vaguely remember some of his past life’s events, then they are mixed with some vague memories.

Painful, so painful!

The pain is tearing at his soul, he gradually recalls the accident that happened at the hospital, at that time his consciousness entered a virtual space. Afterwards in another memory, a sorcerer whose body was covered in a black robe points his hand towards him and as innumerable electric sparks flash, it seems like his soul would be crushed by lightning!


A shy looking youth with flaxen hair and black eyes appears.

He stretches out his palm saying solemnly: “Protect her!”


“Do not let her get injured”

Suǒ Lun’s consciousness blurred once more, like a dream, a dream he’d had a lot, these were someone else’s memories.

He has completely disappeared!

Only one name stayed, because Suǒ Lun thinks he shouldn’t be left without even a name.

Suǒ Lun felt that with that he’d given up, he gave up his ego, no he could awaken from their slumber!

His name is was Suǒ Lun.

Therefore he would also be called Suǒ Lun.

As for what he was once called that would not be important.

What was now most important was to wake up and protect the girl named Weiwei before the thugs get their hands on her.


Innumerable currents assault his body.

But in his mind the endless series of 0’s and 1’s seemed to have stopped, his soul gives off a feeling of being full. As if out of thin air the Spiritual force, the runaway digital 0’s and 1’s, and current suppression inside of him afterwards blasted out in his mind just like a muffled thunderclap sounding out!


Suǒ Lun opened his eyes, and he saw a familiar picture.

Name: Suǒ Lun Race: Half-Elf*
Profession: Level 5 civilian Rank I Rogue/Thief [First-Order] Alignment: Lawful evil*
Status: Weak (soul resurrecting)
HP: 12/12 Exp: 150 (unassigned)
Strength: 12 Agility: 19(+1)
Physique: 15 Intelligence: 18(+1)
Luck: 15 Charm: 16
Vocational skills
Sneaking: 20 Theft: 35
Unlocking: 45 Trap: 15
Legendary skill –  Almighty hand [Sealed] (soul weak)
Individual specialty – Clever left hand and Eidetic memory


“This is?!”

Suǒ Lun gradually awakens, a picture appears before his eyes as he remembers the accident at the hospital*; he’s in a virtual game. No wonder for half a month he saw reappearing 0’s and 1’s so many times. When the hospital* had an accident at that time, The stream of in-game data also transmitted his consciousness. Now opening his eyes, it seems the dense and numerous data streams have at present thoroughly fused into his mind.

Being a little out of sorts.

Suǒ Lun secretly raises up trying to concentrate, “Is it possible to really integrate the data stream? Wouldn’t that mean that the brain would become a biological Zhinao?”

“No wonder!”

“Assign 150 exp to civilian career!”

A stream of warm current emerges .

Suǒ Lun is surprised to discover that he can feel the existence of his four limbs, the electric current in his body gradually subsides, vitality circulating into his body.

“Common profession has promoted to rank 10! Foundation career has reached max level”

“Gain 25 skill points”


A row of familiar writing emerges.

Suǒ Lun’s heart surges immediately with joy because everything is exactly the same as before he entered the virtual world. When he had his accident his consciousness was transferred into the virtual world of the game ‘Clash of Titans’.

This game was very popular with their technological breakthrough had reached 100% and held a loyal fan base of 75%,

This lead to a tremendous response from Earth’s societies! It started to attract millions of people to enter, Suǒ Lun was also drawn in at the time, even praising the game store for their magical method in distributing with a wide array of spaces filled with copies of game cartridges. In the time before his rebirth, the virtual world had been an very important place because talented youths could acquire amazing array of knowledge.

This needs a good memory and a strong capability to do calculations.


Virtualized worlds now uses micro-electric currents to stimulate the right portion of the brain, enhancing and calculating ability and memorisation, increasing brain development around 3%-10%.

This can be said to be a certain degree of human intelligence research, even putting in a smart chip if necessary

The progress has been slow and cost demanding.

So they finally settled on making multiple as well as cheap virtual worlds, which became a core area.

“Games are the conscious simulations that give our young children (animals and human) the ability to soar” – Plato*

Learning the system before the game is a very important method.

The left portion of the brain is duller lacking activity, making knowledge gained easy to forget.

So test based education regarding knowledge and memory has mostly been forgotten.

The right portion of the brain is more active having a massive memory, and giving a real sense of lasting memory, when compared to the left side it seems 1 million times better!

The potential gap is between 100,000 times!

So in the interspace era, brain development is an important domain, even many job require that the brain’s area be 12% more developed. So long as you meet the requirements the job related skills will be grasped in a short amount of time.

The utilization of massive machinery increased the demand for talented people, floor labors being replaced by the machinery made the vast majority lazy. Virtual games were made cheap becoming important by easing social conflicts gaining an unprecedented flourishing like never before.

Some studies indicated.

That when in extremely complex simulated environment in an virtual world, the right side of the brain can improve by 300%!

The potential role of the right portion of the brain is hard to imagine.

Although these situations will have an “all is not imaginary” psychological suggestion, but in regards to the stimulation of the right area of the brain it will still be several fold more than normal compared to learning in an normal environment

.Development with an higher degree of improvement.

Although a premise of a promotion from 1% to 3% was not very obvious, it is still a major breakthrough.

After all stimulation in a normal environment is only 1.5%.

Before reaching job qualifications, many people must enter into a time consuming process of experiencing virtual worlds.

This process will take a long time!

Because the mysteries of the brain are filled with unknowns.


    Prior to the accident, Suǒ Lun was controlling his legendary thief character ready to dive into the Shadow temple to avail himself to God to obtain Demi-Godship.

He’d come to realize that there were limitations to the thieves career, if he didn’t have the God’s blessing of demi-godship he’d have no advantages in the future war of Gods at all.

When his advanced class reached rank 20 he selected the Legendary skill – Almighty Hand.


Almighty Hand [Legendary Skill]
The incomparable hands of clever thief
obtain +5 for career related decision
Automatically grasp the skills of any weapon a rank above skill mastery
Almighty Hand can also theoretically use any equipable item! Even if it’s a weapon or equipment that has specific restrictions or if it’s a weapon of the Gods, the Almighty Hand can use them with ease

The Almighty Hand

The Legendary Thief’s advanced rank skill makes many players gnash their teeth in envy of such an outrageous skill! But since thieves had insufficient combat skills when entering the Legendary Domain, perhaps some players felt discontent.

But after all, after mastering the Almighty Hand, thieves can use most weapons and equipment, let alone witch Gao Jieao’s reel, even many artifacts with demanding requirements can be used, making the Legendary Thieves very flexible to use.

Almost all without any side effects!

Clash of the Titans!

The career advancement in this virtual game is quite harsh, the civilian class is unable to acquire any attribute points even the basic life values could not be risen.

Only 25 skill points can be obtained.

Only when ranking the advanced profession can you obtain valuable skill points 1 out of every 2 ranks.


The feeling of the body were gradually being restored.

When Suǒ Lun once again opened his eyes, it was already the next morning.

Weiwei’s petite body was lying on the bedside, since yesterday the little girl had been so excited since he’d opened his eyes that she could not fall asleep at night, lying down to take care of him till the wee hours only then drifting to sleep.


A numb and aching pain.

Suǒ Lun tries to lift his finger, but immediately has a feeling of systematic shock through his body.

The current in his body reappears, part of his brain is still connected to the data stream casing Suǒ Lun to believe that his brain has transformed into a biological Zhinao.

Because research has proven that brains could be used as a core component in improving Zhinao and advancing Earth’s civilization, there have been a substantial increase in top scientist willing to donate their brains after death for academic studies.

The smart chip was developed as a result!

Currents jumping around the pathways of the body.

But vanishes along with the electric-shock like pain, he gradually regains control of his body, swaying as he tries to sit up.

“Big brother… …big brother!”

Weiwei blindly opening her eyes surprised she immediately grasp his arms, sobbing: “Wu wuwu”

“You are finally better……Weiwei was worried sick”

“A lot of bad people!……They wanted to catch Weiwei to sel!”

“But… but.. Thanks to Xīsī!…..Otherwise Weiwei would have been captured by them!”


Weiwei opens her eyes and glanced towards the door, her whole body suddenly slackens, loosening the grip of his arms she pounces towards the threshold embracing the dog in horror: “Xīsī what happened to you?”

“Don’t scare me!”

“Don’t frighten Weiwei!”

“Come on wake up!”

“Can you call?”

“I beg you call out, ok!”

A small teardrop falls.

Weiwei quietly sits in the corner grasping the body of the old dog, large teardrops flowing silently landing on the large body of the dog who was already cold to the touch.

It quietly lay at the front of the door.

Resting peacefully!

The dog was called Xīsī, it was a Gelasi hunting dog, in its prime it could fight a cheetah, but now it was far too old.

Since the beginning of Suǒ Lun’s coma, it always followed the girl named Weiwei.

Protecting her.

Not resting for a half a month, because at that time only it could protect Weiwei from harm.

Very tired, very hungry.


Because they didn’t have much food and Weiwei stomach was empty, it could only find time to catch one mouse.

Unfortunately it was to old.

Many times it would be hungry, it could only rely on its instincts of self-sacrifice could it support itself for so long.

Now that Suǒ Lun was awake.

It’s duty was now accomplished    .

Being far too old, it lied in front of the door resting in peace.

Never to awaken again!



TL Note:

  • Please do not try to read this in Microsoft edge reader, as the skill table might (at least for me) not show-up.
  • * – means I’m really not sure about the translation, I am not a speaker of chinese I’m doing a MTL. It’s not like I’m 100% sure about any of this.
  • Both hospital and gaming store were referred to as health warehouse and game warehouse respectively so I changed them as so as I believed they made more sense this way.
  • I’ve never heard of a Lawful evil but I guess it could mean a thief or none-murdering criminal and as for the half elf, one MTL had Half – elf and the other had demon I chose again what I thought fit best.
  • Let me know if you want me to use the alternate name for [Almighty Hand], [Universal Hand]. I won’t be using the other MTL’d name as it sounded too much like Weed’s LMS skill class ability and even so more because it references Artisans and neither does a thief or using multiple weapons have any relations to Artisans.
  • Zhinao-capsule:http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-XDKF200428134.htmhttp://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-TJYY200005038.htm
  • I didn’t like referring to Xīsī as ‘It’ all the time so I just arranged the sentences where I could without hurting the phrasing. I hope it’s barely noticeable

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    • Fun fact: Evil thieves can’t actually be lawful evil. They’re mostly neutral evil or rarely chaotic evil but never lawful.


  1. It does sound like dungeons and dragons. I’m not too familiar but I’ll try to explain. Generally, one has good, neutral and evil (alignment) and lawful, neutral and chaotic. The alignment tells something about his intentions, which is to survive by stealing. Lawful means he follows the rules, probably his own in this case. The opposite of the MC, a chaotic good, would be a person who has good intentions but kills everyone who he believes will make things worse.


  2. Damn, what a loyal dog… I wanted Xīsī to survive!! I was hoping the MC would find some way to make it evolve or young again or something 😦 Ah, dammit!

    Have a good time in dog heaven, Xīsī!!! Q_Q


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