IV. Everything will be alright

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Suǒ Lun leads Weiwei back into the slums.

He spent three copper Deleur to buy thick black bread as thick and long as an arm, you could treat this kind of black bread as a weapon against burglars and stupid thieves having a 1d 3 lethality. The poor would grind the rye not peeling it directly letting them swallow the powdered sawdust, using this technique as well as some other strange things. By only cutting it with a knife and soaking it in water can you swallow down (with reluctance) the mallet like rye

Because the humans who entered this world could not bear such food they decided to take risk!

Many players started entering the evil camp.

Suǒ Lunwas also one of those players.

And so he became a thief!

Maybe because he’d arrived in this now real world and because of the possibility of him always being around this little girl, he’d displayed more calm and patience from the start. He sliced the black bread open carefully, soaking it in boiling water he passes it to Weiwei nibbled at it  enduring the sawdust like taste silently swallowing it down.

It’s not that he does not have the means to obtain money.

But he is very clear on what kind of destiny he’ll face if he were to slip up.

After all, now, this is no longer a game.

He is no longer a player in this strange and familiar world, he must now be accountable for his own actions and be responsible for Weiwei. The  occupations of Amber City are formidable, Rank 10 militiamen / Rank 3 soldiers classes*, there’d be a possibility of discovery  unless he strengthens his theft skills to above 75.

Stealers must be thrown in jail after being caught, with a possibility of having their arms broken.

If the goal of larceny is an aristocrat!

Although it had no salt, even one piece was hard to swallow, but Weiwei ate very happily, she was a girl that was easily satisfied.

She was also really hungry!

So long as her brother was at her side, everything would be ok!

This half month of pressure left her feeling extremely exhausted, she only wanted to follow behind her elder brother peacefully like a regular little girl.

“I’ll buy something delicious for you tomorrow!”

Weiwei nods her head gently.

If anyone held her complete unreserved trust, then that person would be her elder brother.

Because since she was 3 it was this youth who’d sheltered her!

Silently supporting her till now.

Weiwei still remembers very well, when she was very young her brother would frequently be injured, her not being able to do anything but knowing how to uselessly cry while her injured brother comforted her saying that all would be good.

Later, they no longer had to wander about the destitute street, finally having a place to live in the chaotic slums.

This year she was only eight, many things regarding the future were uncertain but as long as she had her elder brother she knew that he would always protect her.

This is very good!

Suǒ Lun looked at Weiwei as she slept on the bed, a faint smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

She was exhausted.

A little girl of just eight surviving in the slums for half a month is really a difficult thing.

Maybe she hasn’t had a good rest for a very long time?

Suǒ Lun opened a compartment underneath the planks of the floor, lifting out a coldly glistening dagger from inside, the corner of his mouth forming a sneer. Those who dared to turn Weiwei’s idea’s into chop suey, he’d send to hell!*


    Night arrived quietly.

In the slums only a smattering of lights are still on.

There is a stone pub, one of the slums only enjoyments. Here you can can exchange for a big cup of watered down ale, while not the best it was still a rare treat for the poor lower class. Next to that where a section of low sheds resided, there, so long as one held five copper Deleur they could find an inexpensive happy **. Do not count on her being attractive, at best she’s likely to have a chest and buttocks that looks like a woman’s.

Outside of the stone tavern is a strip of dark alley.

Not many people dare to venture outside because it would be infested by people of the slum.

It was dark everywhere in the slum alleys, except for a few people barely anyone was out!

In the clamoring stove tavern.

Port coolies, a sullen gang, a diverse grouping of people.


They discussed the two recent gang battles, some laughing at the misfortune of those that bullied Weiwei. Now that Suǒ Lun had woken-up, some people must have rotten luck.

As the skinny knife scared person spoke, he meaningfully looked at a corner of the tavern.

There two men sat.

These two Ba LaSi and Ka Nuò wanted to sell Weiwei to Soscia, one walked with a limp having been bit by the fierce old dog when they tried to resort to force.

“Let’s go”

Ba LaSi darkly looked at the people in the tavern and immediately replied: “You go back first”

“There’s always a means to cope with Suǒ Lun.”

Ka Nuò drank down a glass of cheap ale, he was a parsimonious person little would go to waste.

They’d already accepted Soscia’s money a couple of day’s ago, if the time came and they didn’t have Weiwei perhaps someone would quickly be dispatched to ask them for a chat.

Wanting to quit now was impossible.

To Suǒ Lun was more important than life itself, daring to bully her Suǒ Lun would never let that go.

A cold wind blew.

The people inside the pub swore as they saw that  and  had waKa Nuòlked out.

The moon hung in the cloudy sky.

After the two shivered as they left the tavern, maybe it was because they’d drunk too much ale. Ba LaSi went to go look for a alley to water a corner in.

This was the slums.

Let alone urination even bowel movements were solved in the alley corners.

Untying his waistband v turns to begins to water a corner, an indistinct sound could be heard being transmitted from a shack near the stone tavern, a hiss sounded out from the north.

Perhaps because he’d thought of Suǒ Lun’s awakening, his expression grew ugly.


He felt the fine hairs of his body stand, he peers into the dark alley looking for any swaying shadows.

Not having enough time to stop urinating he reaches out a hand to his waist.

There was a dagger!

Though it was already too late!

In a flash Suǒ Lun’s figure appeared out of nowhere, his form appearing out of the dim shadows after having waited there for an indeterminable time.

A flickering cold dagger pierces through his back into his heart!

A palm covered Ba LaSi’s mouth, immediately cutting off a pitiful dying yell.


Suǒ Lun unemotionally withdraws the dagger polishing the blood off the blade with the corpse.

As he rose a stream of data appeared:

Shadow hiding [Successful]
Backstab [Launched]
Successful backstab *2 launched, damage dealt to target 12!
Target killed!
Extracting target’s soul energy
Obtain 30 experience points for slaughter


    Although only a rank 1 rogue in this situation doing a double backstab can cause double damage towards assassinations.

An ordinary person’s life is as little as 5.

Suǒ Lun’s physique reaches as high as 15 after becoming an advanced rank thief, having just 12 points of health. Only small thugs, one hit was enough!

Only unless the others occupation was higher than his Suǒ Lun would be able to assassinate him with ease.

The noise coming from the alley startles Ka Nuò, he could not help but to tremble as he shouted into the alley: “Ba LaSi?”

No response.

Hesitantly he cautiously approached, wanting to see what Ba LaSi was doing.

If anything were wrong he’d immediately turn tail and run!

A crouching form extends its legs immediately kick a wall shooting him out from the alley, Suǒ Lun does not need to draw support from external forces already having agility reaching up towards 19.*

His cheetah like figure seized Ka Nuò’s neck in a flash, forcing back a shout, the impact through them onto the ground. Mounting him, he slid the dagger across Ka Nuò’s throat then pierced the dagger through his heart .

Suǒ Lun kept the dagger pressed forcibly until the body no longer so much as twitched, only then did he stand.



He frowns as he looked at his body, he immediately fishes out the purse from the corpse then takes back his dagger.

These two criminals didn’t have much money, together the sum added up to 5 silver Deleur and over 20 bronze Deleur. In Ba LaSi’s corpse he’d found one package of inferior **, which should have been in preparation to deal with Xīsī.

“Strength roughly equals to a first rank adventurer.”

Suǒ Lun looked at his hands, fading into the shadows he departs in the direction he’d come.

This is the Rogue’s stealth skill.

The ability to leverage the shadows to hide, before coming he’d allocated skill points to it. With sneak being as high as 45 points the shadow skill can mask him in the shadows and cover his sounds, sufficiently hiding him from most average people’s detection. If he could get the skill to 100 points then he could merge with the shadows completely showing no detectable signs.

If the skill were to be promoted to 150 points he could reach a state of invisibility, then even standing in front of someone they’d not be able to perceive him.


With stealth at 200 points, even without shadows the Rogue could completely disappear without a trace!

The stove tavern was still as noisy as before.

It wasn’t until one drunkard walked out did they discover the two fresh but already cold bodies near the mouth of the alley.

Nobody paid attention, no one cared to investigate.

The was the chaotic slums, people dying happened all the time.

Tomorrow someone would take care of their corpses!



(A/N): (P.S: Like the collection. The heroes alignment is [Lawful evil]

(T/N): [Lawful evil] – http://www.easydamus.com/lawfulevil.html

(T/N2): It’s a long read so I didn’t read it myself but the first few sentencess will be enough to give you an idea of what a [Lawful evil] doer is.

  • Coolie is an actual term in asia I in no way made it up feel free to use Cortana like I did, if it seems like I’m using big words it’s more likely to be a direct MTL
  • the *2 was done by the author it is not to be associated by the * I use after sentences to show confusion on a particular sentence or word.
  • Depending on the comments I might change the currency to Dele instead of Deleur (Dele is the translation from bing and Deleur is from Systranet)
  • Rogue and thief will be used interchangeably in this novel rogue meaning bandit and thief in systranet and rogue in bing but also thief at others.

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  1. um your first sentence as I quote “He spent three copper Deleur to buy thick black beard ” . can you please change the beard to bread? because that sentence make me think a long time to digest. until you correctly use the bread word.

    nice novel. at least until I read this part.

    I wish u the best

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