V. Early morning

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Suǒ Lun quietly returned home.

Weiwei was resting peacefully in bed a faint smile playing at her lips. She soon seems to have a nightmare, her small face ǒstricken losing all color; sleep talking she exclaims: “big brother!….. Don’t go… Don’t leave me!…”


“Don’t touch me!…You thugs!”

“Xisi… attack them!”


“Xisi… what’s wrong with you?…Don’t scare me!”

Weiwei’s eyes were shut with her arms flailing in the air grasping at thin air.

Suǒ Lun who’d originally intended to replace his bloodied garments hurried to gently pat at the back of the small girl, but seems to have bumped into something as the girl’s face immediately contorted in a painful expression.

Suǒ Lun quickly raised her dress in doing so he saw purplish blue almost black marks, because of being beaten strongly by a stick the scarring gradually turned the skin black.*

Very quickly!

Suǒ Lun’s complexion became incomparably cloudy, face darkening with eyes bursting with murderous intent.

He lovingly caressed Weiwei’s cheek after carefully tugging her dress into place and muttered: “Silly girl!”

“Why did you not tell me you were hurt?”

Such a bad injury.

She unexpectedly held back the pain not saying anything, afraid that she would worry to cause worry.

With the injury already turning black it must have happened awhile ago, the little girl baring such an wound to take care of him for such a long time. Thinking of this the corner of Suǒ Lun’s eyes begin to slightly mist never before having felt such a moving and tender feeling.

In the interstellar era was good enough not to need for the parents to raise or support the child, kinship and love, this type of thing was very unusual and strange!

But being in front of this little girl, he felt his heart pump with warmth.

He is a very lucky man.

For half a month bit by bit he already had no restrain towards the present girl, regarding the previous life of isolation and being alone he unexpectedly didn’t miss at all.

“All right.”

“Tomorrow will be better.”

Suǒ Lun gently stroked Weiwei’s small head, comforting her as she had bad dreams; whispering: “Tomorrow I’ll help you look for a therapeutic agent, this wound will surely not be a problem and the scar will most likely not remain either.”

Weiwei gradually began to settles down.

Suǒ Lun starts to take off her clothing revealing thin wry muscles, he moistens the bloodied clothes before throwing them on top of the kitchen stove; afterwards looking at the scabbed injuries in silence.

For an young boy raising a little girl from the age of 3 normally, is almost impossible.

He’d fought, he’d killed!

As an 18 years old young man old his body was filled with scars, there was no telling how many times he’d survived near death.

The scars were left behind from street fights and welts gotten from being caught stealing.

Even though he was an ordinary teenager he’d experienced many vicissitudes of life, probably more than professional adventurers!

In a flash Suǒ Lun put on a set of clean clothing.

Weiwei is a very diligent girl, even though just 8 years old she’s always able to handle things on her own.

Home was always clean and clothing neatly stacked.

Suǒ Lun reached out and touched his hand to caress against the sides of his face leading up to his ears; which were higher and steeper than the average person. Because Suǒ Lun’s father was 1/4th Elf that meant  Suǒ Lun inherited 1/8th of the Elfin bloodline.

This was also the reason he was more flexible and clever than the ordinary person, these were inborn traits.

The darkness couldn’t cloud Suǒ Lun’s line of sight!

Almost all half-Elves have a certain degree of night vision, making them the best assassins in the dark.

“The foundation is pretty good”

Suǒ Lun uses his skill, in his hands his dagger flew through the air drawing a cold light.

“Although not the hero class and there’s no way to distribute attribute points, though overall the quality was more outstanding than ordinary people.”

“The only shortcoming is strength.”

“An average person’s attribute value is around 10, similarly the attribute points of workers reach up to 12.”

In all likelihood he didn’t deliberately or painstakingly train himself, he’d always had the necessary skill to face everything head on!

“Agility is very high!”

“Without access to basic training higher agility would be more useful than higher strength.”

“Use the minimum amount of strength to directly address your opponent!”

Suǒ Lun exchanged the dagger in his right hand to his left, the dagger dancing in the air creating a blurred shadow as it moved at full speed. His left hand had exceptional flexibility, it’s even comparable to the right.

This is an innate talent!

If you trained a little it wouldn’t be hard to learn to grasp how to use dual weapons fighting specialty, this is a great fighting ability to posses.

“The strength attribute needs to be enhanced”

Suǒ Lun’s form merges into the shadows, his voice coming in a whisper: “There now appears to be no task available, with this gaining experience will come less frequently.”

“”Although by killing others there should still be a way to gain experience.”

“Not sure”

“The thief class can unlock skills and gain experience by removing traps”

“Killing experience”

This is the highest form of experience, able to be assigned to all occupations, current jobs and stat distribution!

In regards to experience gained from trap unlocking as a thief is merely a low-grade type of experience which can only be used to promote the rank of the thieves class.

Similarly, the sorcerer class uses the [Transcribe] to reproduce scrolls in order to gain experience.

In “The Clash of Titans” earning experience is not an easy thing to do, not much can be gained by killing monsters.

There are some times when challenging a legendary rank quest, after landing the last strike on an adult dragon or Wu Yao the ultimate outcome was an experience gain of only a few tens of thousands of points; barely promoting a class 1-2 ranks.

Initially Suǒ Lun spent several years of time promoting his thief class to the legendary domain, having to kill three large dragons and six Wu Yao successively.

Even with the joint efforts of a team of advanced players only one third managed to survive! All the others were killed and forced to enter the river styx and begin reincarnation.

“Almighty Hand”

A resplendent light emerged from Suǒ Lun eyes:”No telling when the weak soul will be healed after resurrection. If the [Almighty Hand] can be grasped, then strength will be greatly enhanced!”

Night turned darker and darker.

Suǒ Lun with drew the dagger placing the blade in a quickly accessible location as he climbed atop the bed.

Weiwei’s small body unconsciously pushed towards his arm squeezing it, she murmured as she slept continuing to grasp at his arm.

A night past.

Suǒ Lun was awakened by slight movement, Weiwei’s head turned on the sides looking in his direction immediately the corners of her mouth wore a small sweet smile. She climbed down carefully out of the bed because of her still wounded backside, a small trace of plain plaguing her face.

As she got off the bed she bent down to put on her worn shabby shoes then she picked up the broom and began to clean the room.

When Weiwei sights bloodstains on the ground her face is stricken with panic, she immediately ran as fast as possible raising the quilt to make sure that Suǒ Lun wasn’t injured. She wiped down his entire chest with  cleaning rag to completely wipe away any bloodstains.

As long as Suǒ Lun wasn’t bleeding to death she couldn’t care for anything else!

When she was very small younger than she is now, Suǒ Lun was beaten by a group of older children as they fought over some fallen silver Deleur. Suǒ Lun was surrounded by the group of older children, who proceeded to kick and beat him as she hid in a corner crying. She was young having no strength but she finally summoned up as much courage as she could, picking up a stone and throwing it towards the head of one of the big kids.

The angry child gave her a slap across the face, the area immediately started to swell with her baby teeth falling out.

Although she was very very small she still remembers the situation at that time!

Suǒ Lun lying on the ground seeing this seemed to go insane, his head raising in silence suddenly like a wounded animal threw himself at the older kid biting at his ear.

Blood poured as the ear was bitten off!

Suǒ Lun eyes turned scarlet as he picked up a stone and began to pound on the head of the older child until it was a bloody mess. Weiwei rushed towards him to stop him from killing the other children on the spot.

Though one had already died

The body was found many days later floating in a black ditch outside the slums, looking nothing like the original image.

They didn’t live easy lives, apart from each other they had nothing!

Weiwei didn’t care if Suǒ Lun was a thief, whether he committed crimes or if he killed, she would bear half of it all for him!


Weiwei carefully cleans the room, as she spots the empty bag of food her face clouds a little with worry; muttering to herself: “Bother has woken up”

“Very soon bother will fill it with white rice!”

She believed in Suǒ Lun without question*

She’d gotten hungry, she’d even gone frequently with nothing but an empty stomach but her brother has never let her down, even if it meant he was badly injured.

She firmly believed that as long as there was her brother everything would be ok.

Yeah, that’s right.

Everything’s going to be alright.

So she quickly put away her concern beginning to hum a soft folk tune as she made everything in the room clean.

Suǒ Lun  slowly got up, putting on his washed grey worn clothing, his hand fondly touched Weiwei’s head whispering: “Be good and stay at home today.”

“In a couple of days we’ll move to live in a new city.”

Weiwei softly nods, her little face filled with joy. She hadn’t thought they’d move, to move to the city and out of the slums is not an easy matter.

It required money, but also needed to recognized as a freeman!

But she believed in Suǒ Lun.

Because whatever he said he’d always do!

Even if Suǒ Lun could not that would not be the fault of Suǒ Lun, but because there are too many unprincipled people in this world.

Beams of dawn sunlight sprinkle into the room of the humble old shed.

Suǒ Lun sliced the wooden mallet like bread with his dagger cutting it into large and small pieces of bread. Weiwei stood on her toes, struggling as she reached to get on the stool but she is too small. Suǒ Lun helped her with a smile as she sits to down to eat the cooked rice porridge filled old pottery basin.

The little girl looked up; her fair face revealing two small dimples as she smiled, sunlight beaming down on her.

Everything was very good!





  • Solon was a direct chinese translation of 索伦 but after having to use a few other MTLs I learned 3 other variants (all being wrong) so I decided to look up a chinese dictionary and get the actual meaning for each character to hopefully piece together his actual name. And that’s how I learned what Pinyin was!
  • I will be changing the names of past characters to the Pinyin versions of their names as currently Weiwei was the only one having it from the start as I didn’t like the name Vivian in a chinese novel and it wasn’t directly translated by Systranet like Bing did for some reason.
  • Solon will now be Suǒ Lun: Suǒ – 索 (a surname) meaning long rope/cable, rules, to exact, to inquire, or to be isolated

Lun – 伦 (a simplified version of 倫)

having a few different meanings such as human relationsions, order and coherence.

  • Weiwei’s name (薇薇) is confusing to me since it’s a repeated word for Osmunda regalis, a species of fern
  • Might change what Weiwei calls Suǒ Lun from elder brother or brother to Ge or a variant of it, as I find it quite awkward to keep typing brother or elder brother.
  • Heath (希斯) a.k.a Heath Ledger (希斯·莱杰) will now be called Xīsī Láijié (The dictionary just says the definition of Heath is ‘(name)’ and for Heath Ledger its definition is ‘Australian actor (1979-2008)’.
  • I’m thinking about keeping Soscia’s name as is cause her name in pinyin is Suǒ XiYa (索西亚) with Suǒ having the same meaning as Suǒ Lun’s and XiYa meaning Southwest Asia.
  • Barlass will change to Ba LaSi (巴拉斯) Ba is a sure name, La means to pull or to play (a bowed instrument), to drag, to draw, or to chat. Si means this.
  • Karnow will be called Ka Nuò – Ka meaning slow or to block, Nuò meaning literally yes! or to consent/promise
  • The previous race of Suǒ Lun; Elf, I was unsure about in pinyin is Jīnglíng (精灵) it does mean Elf but also Spirit, Fairy, Sprite, and Genie
  • Sorcerer could have been wizard, witch or shaman. I prefer shaman but it has a different connotation when associated with RPGs so I kept to a general term like sorcerer. To me a shaman deals with nature and spirit phenomena and a wizard works to breakdown the secrets of magic journalling them and often making copies to solicit them or understand them more. But generally a wizard is used to refer to a male and witch to a female, in english sorcerer is used for people who practice and wield magic.
  • Wu Yao (巫 妖) both have the meaning witch but Yao also means a bunch of other meanings, they all sum up to be in the monster category or demon so instead of using a redundant ‘witch witch’, ‘witch demon’ or the MTL’s Lich (which I’m not entirely sure it’s referring too) I’m choosing to leave this in pinyin it sounds better. Maybe warlock would work but that’s only for men as well.
  • Need a better way to say how loyal she is because the MTL stated she believed in Suǒ Lun “there is no principle of trust” this obviously doesn’t flow well.

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    • If you mean Lord of the Rings then no I’ve hated every movie and never read any of the novels…. I don’t like the name Vivian BUT I will change it since I don’t want to interfere with the authors original view.


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