Job opportunities

Well I’ve been thinking about this for a while and opportunity has come knocking. I’ve recently had a job opportunity come my way though its not set in stone if I’ll get the job or not I still feel even if this doesn’t work out I should pursue other options as I’m in dire need of some cash inflow to be honest.

This means that I may or may not continue the machine translation or that it my be suspended for a few weeks. If I do get said job opportunities then I’ve more than once been contacted by interested parties that wanted to pick up this novel and I will give them the chance if I can not continue on.


Hey guys sorry for not releasing anything for the last 2 weeks (yes no release for tomorrow sadly) but I’ve been having scheduling issues in my personal life and no free time. Well that’s not all true the free time I do get I read novels for to relax.

I’ll be back doing my MTL next week with the start of the new arc. I believe this is the arc that really gets people interested in this novel. I hope you all will enjoy it and give the series 5 stars on NU when its over.

Chapter release soon

Already half way done with the chapter and it should be out in a few days, don’t know if I’ll release as soon as its done or wait till Saturday so I can get a few days rest then start on the next chapter.

No rest, no chapter

As everyone knows, this is a MTL and MTL takes along time. The most important thing is definitely time. For me this time fluctuates because of my poor attention span but generally around 5 to 10 hours over the course of the week.

I was expecting to take 2 days off and get back to translating but unexpectedly I was roped into babysitting 2 to 4 girls (number changed but most consistent was 2) over a 6 times in 10 days. It wasn’t even just 1 per day it was 1 this day and maybe again a day later or 2 days later or 2 times in 2 days and so on. it started the day I posted the last chapter till last night when I babysat for the last time… hopefully. I mean school starts next week for them.

I’m tired and I know you all expected a chapter this week and I’m sorry but its been hell! Little girls are terrors! Not to mention I had other family come visit

I even lost my DuoLingo progress because of this. Oh how I morn the loss of 67 days of progress.


Expect a chapter soon

Like I stated last time I was expecting to be able to release a chapter a week when I came back. Do to health issues I had that lasted only a few days, I unfortunately wasn’t able to make good on that promise. My previously stated health issue managed to trigger an anxiety attack that lasted for the majority of the following 2 week period. I don’t take anxiety meds and had no way of calming myself down other than distracting myself. I couldn’t even concentrate then let alone do something like MTL which is taxing and stressful.

I’ve taken a week off to get my situation straightened out. I will be releasing a chapter within the next 7 days.


I will not guarantee a chapter this week or two chapters next week as I’m incredibly busy this week helping out with my family matters. I can say I’ll work on another chapter next week I really don’t want to leave yall hanging but just have a little patience.

I’m also thinking of doing a synapsis for a few lesser known but still popular series for others to pick up because I find the themes interesting.

If I have any time at all this week I’ll be checking out some of these series and reading a few pages before posting up a pickup request for them so that way I’ll still be contributing to the community even if it’s not exactly to my own MTL. Though if I really like the Card one I might pick it up myself… the chapters aren’t as long as A.D and the MTL is easy to read.


One is a reincarnation post apocalyptic world that uses cards for everything from battle, to food, to weapons, monsters, medicine, etc… Think Card Disciple but with monsters roaming around to kill ya and I think cultivation (sorta) with a mix of LLS but from what I see mainly because of this card binder that seems similar to a that series summoning Grimoires.

The other is a novel about a world that has deviated away from the segregated races as we know them into a multitude of hybrid races in the future, the MC is the lone member of the original human population out of all the futuristic galactic races. Apparently this gives him the ability to cultivate and that’s all I know… my original intention in picking up this novel was for something like Tempest of Stellar war and I’d hoped it had a cool mech along with ancient cultivation.

The last one is a nano suit future tech novel. I wanted something totally different and not within the norm to be picked up, the community needs a change from what is usually presented and picked up by TL’s lets face it the TOP novels are damn near all the same.

I previously posted a novel to be picked up called I am Hui Tai Lang and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read both by the TL and the original MTL it’s a good series I hope you’ll check them out!